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Are you looking to take your dental practice and team to a new level of enhance patient care by incorporating lasers and other treatment and administrative modalities into everyday use? Advanced Integration & Mentoring goal is to educate and guide the entire dental team through the often confusing and challenging process of selecting and incorporating the right technologies and processes to help insure the quality outcomes you want to achieve.

Discover what up coming courses and events the AIM faculty and team will be presenting or availble at in the future.



Various documents, forms, signs, and other resources are availible for downloading.



AIM's teaching faculty and team members are the dental profession's leading experts on the selection, use, and implimentation of

the advanced technologies that assist the dental health team on providing the best possilble oral helath care.

See what past attendees have said about their experiences and the quality of the AIM's courses and faculty.



The AIM faculty and team are availible to assist your organization in providing a quality customized course to enhance your educational offerings.



No matter what your role is on the dental team you can benefit from sound advice and practical strategies to reach your professional goal. Our expertise and experience will help you avoid potential problems and understand how to easily succeed when incorporating the new technologies to enhance patient care.

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